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Jennie Kim is a South-Korean pop singer and member of the female K-pop band ‘Black Pink’. After moving to Seoul, South Korea on completing her education in New Zealand, the singer was signed on by ‘YG Entertainment’ as a trainee. She rose to fame after appearing on singer G-Dragon’s music video ‘That XX’ and was also featured on his single ‘Black’. ‘YG Entertainment’ had been teasing the debut of ‘Black Pink’ for a long time and Jennie finally made her debut as part of the band alongside Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé on August 8, 2016. Jennie has also collaborated with artists like Lee Hi for his single ‘Special’, Seungri for ‘GG Be’, and with G Dragon for ‘Eventually’. Like all the members of the band, she has a huge fan-base and is often considered to be the leader of ‘Black Pink’. Jennie Kim’s label ‘YG Entertainment’ considers her to be their trump card and she is often referred to as ‘the YG Princess’. She is one of the highest rated K-pop singers and can speak Japanese, Spanish, English, and Korean.

At the age of 14, Jennie Kim was signed on by ‘YG Entertainment’ in South Korea. She did not start her singing career instantly and underwent training for six years. Not only did she work on her vocals but developed her aptitude in rapping. ‘YG Entertainment’ had been developing the band ‘Black Pink’ for some years and started teasing their debut in 2012. The final members were revealed on June 29, 2016, and band members included Jennie, Jisoo, Rosé, and Lisa and they finally made their debut on August 8, 2016. Their first album ‘Square One’ featured the tracks ‘Boombayah’, ‘Whistle’, ‘Playing With Fire’, ‘Stay’, and ‘As If It’s Your Last’. ‘Whistle’ became the number-one hit on the ‘Goan Digital Chart’ and the video of the song became viral on YouTube. This turned the band into an overnight sensation and they became the highest rated female K-pop band on the ‘Billboard Social 50’.
Jennie Kim and her bandmates reached a new milestone in their career after the release of their new single ‘As If It’s Your Last’ on June 22, 2017. The sound of the song was distinctly different to their previous releases and it debuted on top of the ‘Billboard's World Digital Song’ chart. There was no stopping them as they decided to make their debut in Japan on August 30, 2017, with their extended musical play ‘Blackpink’. The EP of the play debuted at number one on the ‘Oricon Albums Chart’.
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Born: January 16, 1996
Birthplace:Cheongdam-Dong, Seoul, South Korea
Height:5 ft 4 ins (163 cm)

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